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Self Defense MMA


Taekwondo's Worldwide popularity is largely due to its effectiveness in many self defense situations. Taekwondo is designed to be used against multiple attackers from many positions. Our traditional punches and dynamic kicks make Taekwondo a formidable "stand up" striking art.

The "Raposa de Prata" submission grappling system inables our students to be comfortable in nearly every position. Sumission grappling uses principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(BJJ) and Greco Roman Wrestling. The "Raposa de Prata" curriculum promotes control, dominant position, defense, and attack from the kneeling, crawling, or lying positions. You will be familiar with using your opponents weight against them. You will learn to apply and escape joint locks and chokes.

Our students have the opportunity to "Belt Rank" in  both styles simultaneously. This coupling of styles makes our students true Mixed Martial Artists (MMA).

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The Kinetic Kick is the premier TaeKwonDo Karate school in Tupelo, Mississippi. Since 1996, we have been providing the finest Martial Arts, self defense, and fitness training for children, teens, and adults.